Happy new year!
Tuesday, 06 January 2009 20:48

2009 is here with us now, and I have already seen a few bluesgigs, one at Akkurat with Sven Zetterberg and then the yearly Trettondagsblues at Fasching. Both good gigs, although I was more than a fair bit tired during the last of those gigs.

Besides that, I'm really happy with how the site is working out. I am patching up a few missing things, but most of what I wanted to do is working as expected. I have a few missing things to cater to, like hit counters and stuff. Also, as historic gig information is now available, I'm going top add more of this to the site, although I have close to 3000 registered gigs already. So support your local blues website folks! Drop me an email if there is missing information on festivals, bands, places or whatever!