First day in Östersund over...
Saturday, 26 September 2009 08:31

It's saturday morning in Östersund, and it's the second day of the Vlues festival. The height of yesterday was clearly Omar & the Howlers, a real good gig, excellent. Among white power-trio bands, Omar is the king. Chuck Hall was as expected, good,but really my cup of tea. The Blues Harmonica Blowout was a great start of the festival, and supported by always excellent Trickbag with extra support from Barrelhouse Chuck. Finally I want to mention Tuff Enuff. Janne Lindén is just an excellent guitarrist, and the rest of th band is also great. This night including Knock-out Greg.

Tonite, many bands are back from Yesterday, but one main attraction didn't play on Friday, which is Peer Gynt from Norway.Also, one or two local bands are on tonite only.

And I know what you are asking, what about the beer? And yes, it was pretty much OK. Jämtlands Hell and Bärnsten on Bottle. Less choice than last year, but still OK, and in difference to most other festivals: Beer in proper glasses, no plastic mugs! Thank you Östersund for a great festival on Friday, I'm looking forward to tonites gigs!

On site in Östersund